Ways help business to contend with fraudulent traffic: Recent trends

Advertising fraud is taking on more and more global forms. However, it is more difficult to deal with typical threats. It is critical to understand that special departments cannot always repel hack attacks. Therefore, it can be assumed that the decision to destroy malicious traffic lies entirely with organizations that should ensure the security of […]

The variety of click fraud: know your web enemy

Click fraud is one of the hidden ways to destroy your competitors in the field of e-commerce. Using a flurry of clicks on advertisements, you can ruin the owners of the company because of too expensive ads and distort the real indicators of current and future profits. To combat this phenomenon, you need to be […]

Extremely dangerous: How to oppose VPN click fraud?

The PPC system today is the most effective in attracting new customers and increasing interest in your company. However, such a tool can act not only for the benefit, but also to the detriment. The main thing is that instead of making a profit from clicks, scammers can, on the contrary, ruin your business.  The […]

All you need to know about click fraud

If you are tied up with the e-commerce, you will probably hear about such a notion as a click fraud. Nevertheless, very few people and even businessmen pay attention to it. In fact, they are not right, because this problem is becoming more and more actual.  A person faces click fraud when another user or […]

10 key proofs of the ad fraud

Investing in advertisement is a serious thing. Digital media requires much money to spend on. Many advertisers complain that ad fraud influences negatively their budget. At the same time, very few people think over how serious the problem is. We will try to single out the key proofs of the ad fraud. It will help […]

How to combat click fraud in 2022?

Click-fraud schemes apply the pay per click model, when the attacker receives money for each click on the link. This tactic has a negative impact on the business advertising campaign. What is click-fraud and why it may be dangerous? The owner of advertisements suffers losses because the ads are unprofitable: it does not attract real […]