How not to become an associate of black hat SEO: Choosing the optimal ad promotion strategy

SEO optimization is a thin ice, since this area of Internet marketing has its own limitations and specifics. In view of this, the supervisory authorities impose penalties for companies that violate the principles of ethical advertising using black hat SEO standards. However, the owners of organizations may face problems due to ignorance of certain rules. […]

Fighting black SEO in 2023: Practical recommendations

The use of black SEO is considered shameful among web specialists and experts in the field of online advertising. However, such techniques still remain highly effective in the struggle for a place in the sunshine. For this reason, black SEO continues to be used by malicious competitors, using increasingly sophisticated tactics. But the owners of […]

How to determine a bot and a human in forums and chats?

The problem of definition a real person and a bot in various chats and forums is rather heated. It is connected with the fact, that artificial intelligence occupies more and more space in our life. Bots are considered to be special software that can behave like real people. They take the positions in different forums […]

Ways help business to contend with fraudulent traffic: Recent trends

Advertising fraud is taking on more and more global forms. However, it is more difficult to deal with typical threats. It is critical to understand that special departments cannot always repel hack attacks. Therefore, it can be assumed that the decision to destroy malicious traffic lies entirely with organizations that should ensure the security of […]

Is it good or bad to treat competitors impolitely?

Recent changes in the world have made the trading process too complex. It is also connected with the relations between competitors. It has become extremely complicated to win the order. As a result, the profit of many companies is decreasing. So, the staff is under constant pressure. They have to look for the better ways […]

Perspectives of the digital realm: How smart bots are turning into daily companions

Bots today allow humanity you to remove the burden of many routine duties. They are so actively introduced into people’s lives that they even deprive them of jobs. Robots have become real assistants in business in recent years, but there are more and more applications of such tools every day.  New forecasting options Specialized programs […]

Tips to help defeat click-fraud in 2023

Every year, businesses suffer losses due to various fraudulent attacks that hackers undertake to destroy their competitors. 2023 is no exception. Therefore, proper preparation is critical. It is also important to understand that most of the malicious web traffic is connected with click fraud. A look into the future The advertising business develops over time, […]

Anti-branding. How do the customers influence the brand badly?

It is important to understand how clients’ behavior influences the success or loss of the brand. Nowadays, in the era of the Internet, the problem of anti-branding is becoming even more vitally significant. Among key factors of anti-branding behavior can be singled out the following: Current problems The idea of branding in the era of […]

Bots seems to supersede humans: challenge accepted

Web bots today perform not only routine functions but are also able to create primitive art works. Such trends in the future may lead to the fact that algorithms can gradually displace people. Is it so? To answer the question, it is necessary to assess the risks and prospects, as well as to find out […]

The variety of click fraud: know your web enemy

Click fraud is one of the hidden ways to destroy your competitors in the field of e-commerce. Using a flurry of clicks on advertisements, you can ruin the owners of the company because of too expensive ads and distort the real indicators of current and future profits. To combat this phenomenon, you need to be […]

The reasons of hating brands – why do people despise it?

People live in a high-tech world. It is full of various cultural approaches. It becomes quite normal nowadays to hate something. Hating brands is one of the approaches that is rather widespread. The reasons for it can be different. Some people experience indignation when they don’t get what they want from online stores, others are […]

How to win against your competitors in the e-commerce battle: Practical Insights

Instead of trying to fight your competitors, study carefully their strategy on the way to success. The main thing is not to focus on the winning positions. Your task is to find your client and gain customer’s trust. Several techniques may be so helpful. Know your advantages There is a huge competition in the e-commerce […]

Smart bots are on the service of big companies

With the economic boom, it becomes evident that the companies are ready to please all the sides of the business in many ways. They are ready to tell stories to satisfy all the demands of the clients. The information load on the call center and support team is extremely high. So, it is necessary to […]

Wrong strategy: How ads can exert negative effects on companies’ reputation?

Web advertising has changed a lot in recent years. The basic approaches and principles have also modified. The basis now is not importunity, but ecological approach. The main thing to remember is that a toxic advertising campaign can destroy your company and spoil the impression for many years. To prevent this, keep in mind the […]

How bots can vary your media business?

Chatbots have gained great popularity not only in the field of e-commerce and Internet services, but also in the media business. There has recently been a surge in the activity of artificial intelligence in this area. Such tools allow you to work with a large number of users around the world and respond quickly and […]

Extremely dangerous: How to oppose VPN click fraud?

The PPC system today is the most effective in attracting new customers and increasing interest in your company. However, such a tool can act not only for the benefit, but also to the detriment. The main thing is that instead of making a profit from clicks, scammers can, on the contrary, ruin your business.  The […]

How to increase sales with an aggressive marketing strategies?

Aggressive marketing is considered a negative phenomenon in e-commerce, but many brands often turn to such a strategy and at the same time manage to win. However, due to intrusive advertising, some companies acquire a negative image. That doesn’t prevent them from taking the top places and having a lot of clients. Active advertising allows […]

Can smart bots bring immense fortune?

The future is even closer than you can imagine. You can transform the technologies into real profit. It is a good chance to catch up your competitors. You can do all this with the help of smart bots.  Even a couple of years ago, it was hard to imagine working with such smart resources. It […]

How can evil competitors craftily ruin your site?

Experts in the field of black SEO don’t neglect techniques that allow them to destroy the business of their competitors on the Internet. But such tactics have a negative impact on the webmasters themselves, as electronic platforms have recently been actively banning any actions related to unfair play. Therefore, many IT solutions are aimed at […]

All you need to know about click fraud

If you are tied up with the e-commerce, you will probably hear about such a notion as a click fraud. Nevertheless, very few people and even businessmen pay attention to it. In fact, they are not right, because this problem is becoming more and more actual.  A person faces click fraud when another user or […]

Types of chatbots: What are the pros and cons of using them in business?

Chatbots can imitate human interaction. To do this, such tools are based on NLP and AI algorithms. They can be multipurpose and customized (interact with certain groups of clients). Most virtual assistants improve the product offer and increase sales. With the help of chatbots, you can order an operator call. Chatbot Categories IT specialists distinguish […]

How to control bots for more productive business processes?

Currently, bots play a significant role in the field of e-commerce. Such tools not only allow you to develop business ideas and help the owners of organizations to increase the finances of companies. At the same time, competitors are on their guard, and they come up with new schemes to destroy corporate processes. Therefore, web […]

Bids – why are they important in marketing?

Bidding is a kind of the game, where everyone can become either a winner or a loser. You can bid on the competitors and gain much profit. All these steps are rather risky, but they can bring luck to the business. Sometimes it looks like a race, but you need to decide if you are […]

Smart bots: how can they improve your business?

Chatbots have recently become popular, as they offer many opportunities for the improvement of your company. Such tools optimally fit into electronic marketing and customer support work. The client can ask any question at any moment of day or night. At the same time, not every operator may be in touch. But in the chat, […]

How to repel the attacks of bots: action guide

Internet bots attacks are currently widely used not only by malicious competitors, but also by various hacker groups. In the course of such fraudulent actions, sites can become infected with viruses, and nasty webmasters can even gain access to administrative panels. DDoS attacks are most common. Their main goal is to disrupt the operation due […]

Brand bidding: to find and eliminate

Many brands collaborate with webmasters to promote their brand online. Thus, IT-teams act as third parties that attract customers for your business. To do this, according to the CPA model, they place a brand advertising offer on any of their websites, and wait for the visitor to perform some action on the page (for example, […]

How to meet attacks of competitors: useful tips

Evil competitors are not asleep, and every day they think about how to do harm someone else’s business. And the owner of the company, in turn, suffers from the loss of customers and prohibitively high costs for an advertising campaign. Before you get excited and engage in a desperate battle with your business rivals, you […]

10 key proofs of the ad fraud

Investing in advertisement is a serious thing. Digital media requires much money to spend on. Many advertisers complain that ad fraud influences negatively their budget. At the same time, very few people think over how serious the problem is. We will try to single out the key proofs of the ad fraud. It will help […]

How to create business chatbot?

First of all, one needs to understand what chatbot is. It is a software that communicates with users following certain rules. As a rule, it works this way: the bot asks questions and the user gives answers. Using keywords, the software understands what question should be asked later.  According to this information, the bot performs […]

How to combat click fraud in 2022?

Click-fraud schemes apply the pay per click model, when the attacker receives money for each click on the link. This tactic has a negative impact on the business advertising campaign. What is click-fraud and why it may be dangerous? The owner of advertisements suffers losses because the ads are unprofitable: it does not attract real […]