Fighting black SEO in 2023: Practical recommendations

The use of black SEO is considered shameful among web specialists and experts in the field of online advertising. However, such techniques still remain highly effective in the struggle for a place in the sunshine. For this reason, black SEO continues to be used by malicious competitors, using increasingly sophisticated tactics. But the owners of […]

Anti-branding. How do the customers influence the brand badly?

It is important to understand how clients’ behavior influences the success or loss of the brand. Nowadays, in the era of the Internet, the problem of anti-branding is becoming even more vitally significant. Among key factors of anti-branding behavior can be singled out the following: Current problems The idea of branding in the era of […]

The reasons of hating brands – why do people despise it?

People live in a high-tech world. It is full of various cultural approaches. It becomes quite normal nowadays to hate something. Hating brands is one of the approaches that is rather widespread. The reasons for it can be different. Some people experience indignation when they don’t get what they want from online stores, others are […]

Wrong strategy: How ads can exert negative effects on companies’ reputation?

Web advertising has changed a lot in recent years. The basic approaches and principles have also modified. The basis now is not importunity, but ecological approach. The main thing to remember is that a toxic advertising campaign can destroy your company and spoil the impression for many years. To prevent this, keep in mind the […]

How to increase sales with an aggressive marketing strategies?

Aggressive marketing is considered a negative phenomenon in e-commerce, but many brands often turn to such a strategy and at the same time manage to win. However, due to intrusive advertising, some companies acquire a negative image. That doesn’t prevent them from taking the top places and having a lot of clients. Active advertising allows […]

Brand bidding: to find and eliminate

Many brands collaborate with webmasters to promote their brand online. Thus, IT-teams act as third parties that attract customers for your business. To do this, according to the CPA model, they place a brand advertising offer on any of their websites, and wait for the visitor to perform some action on the page (for example, […]

How to name an online store? Some tips to lighten the task

It is undoubtedly true that the name of the company is the half of the success. An attractive and catchy name has lots of advantages. It will produce more impression on potential customers.  It is typical when businessmen have troubles with naming their business. There is a good idea how to avoid such problems. It […]