How to determine a bot and a human in forums and chats?

The problem of definition a real person and a bot in various chats and forums is rather heated. It is connected with the fact, that artificial intelligence occupies more and more space in our life. Bots are considered to be special software that can behave like real people. They take the positions in different forums […]

Tips to help defeat click-fraud in 2023

Every year, businesses suffer losses due to various fraudulent attacks that hackers undertake to destroy their competitors. 2023 is no exception. Therefore, proper preparation is critical. It is also important to understand that most of the malicious web traffic is connected with click fraud. A look into the future The advertising business develops over time, […]

Bots seems to supersede humans: challenge accepted

Web bots today perform not only routine functions but are also able to create primitive art works. Such trends in the future may lead to the fact that algorithms can gradually displace people. Is it so? To answer the question, it is necessary to assess the risks and prospects, as well as to find out […]

How bots can vary your media business?

Chatbots have gained great popularity not only in the field of e-commerce and Internet services, but also in the media business. There has recently been a surge in the activity of artificial intelligence in this area. Such tools allow you to work with a large number of users around the world and respond quickly and […]

Types of chatbots: What are the pros and cons of using them in business?

Chatbots can imitate human interaction. To do this, such tools are based on NLP and AI algorithms. They can be multipurpose and customized (interact with certain groups of clients). Most virtual assistants improve the product offer and increase sales. With the help of chatbots, you can order an operator call. Chatbot Categories IT specialists distinguish […]

How to control bots for more productive business processes?

Currently, bots play a significant role in the field of e-commerce. Such tools not only allow you to develop business ideas and help the owners of organizations to increase the finances of companies. At the same time, competitors are on their guard, and they come up with new schemes to destroy corporate processes. Therefore, web […]

How to repel the attacks of bots: action guide

Internet bots attacks are currently widely used not only by malicious competitors, but also by various hacker groups. In the course of such fraudulent actions, sites can become infected with viruses, and nasty webmasters can even gain access to administrative panels. DDoS attacks are most common. Their main goal is to disrupt the operation due […]

How to create business chatbot?

First of all, one needs to understand what chatbot is. It is a software that communicates with users following certain rules. As a rule, it works this way: the bot asks questions and the user gives answers. Using keywords, the software understands what question should be asked later.  According to this information, the bot performs […]